Jackson Kayak “CUDA” 14’ 3” fishing kayak

The Cuda is finally the answer to the big water fisherman’s dream because it has both the speed needed to trek long distances quickly, and the rare ability to be stable for standing when you get to your destination.  However, you may not want to stand because of the comfort of the patent pending hi-lo seat!  The option to move the seat high or low depending on your preference and fishing environment, and the ability to remove it from the boat, makes it one of the top seats on the market today.

Jackson Kayak “Coosa” 11” 2” fishing Kayak

The Coosa was designed by Jackson Kayak’s design team and  professional kayak fisherman Drew Gregory,  to answer to the continually evolving needs of the kayak fisherman. Aside from excelling in lakes, ponds, inshore and most saltwater settings, the Coosa is the first kayak to ever cater to the river angler… making it the first ever ALL water fishing craft!

Jackson Kayak “Journey” 13’ 6” recreational kayak

Designed for the touring paddler who seeks out a boat to champion themselves into the next levels of their adventures. The Journey offers speed, stability and comfort for paddlers looking to push their adventures to greater heights. This kayak utilizes best-in-class design techniques in edge control, something very important rarely found in 14 foot type touring boats. Whether you are paddling just for the day or for several days, the Journey is fantastic.

Jackson Kayak “Big tuna” tandem fishing kayak.

The new Jackson Kayak Big Tuna tandem fishing kayak with multiple never before seen features in the kayak fishing world.  Leading the charge on these unique elements has to be the patent pending ‘Tuna Tank’, a unique bait/live well that requires no plumbing or electronics! The tank also resides in the center of the boat for easy access and management.

Jackson Kayak “CUDA 12” fishing kayak

The Cuda 12 is the perfect counter part for its big brother, the Cuda 14.  This is still a watercraft built for inshore, offshore, lakes and other large bodies of water, but now in a mid-range size allows for an even more versatile watercraft.

Impex “Mystic”

The Mystic was designed for smaller paddlers who still want big sea kayak performance. At 14' long and 21.5" wide it is a perfectly downsized sea kayak. It finally allows smaller paddlers, especially women, the ability to have a boat that gives them the fit they demand but the ability to keep up with even the heartiest group of paddlers.

Impex “Currituck”

Finally a performance Greenland style boat that is easy to paddle. The Currituck combines our greater initial stability with an easy to  carve 21.5" width to give you a stable boat that still oozes performance. At 17 feet, the Currituck has great hull speed for long crossings, and the maneuverability to handle big water challenges.

Impex “Hatteras”

The Hatteras is our most playful design to date. Added Rocker, lower rear deck, and a softer chine for confidence in big conditions will allow the Hatteras to surf or explore rock gardens with ease. A larger cockpit will aid re-entries and accommodate larger paddler. Standard with our stable shallow V hull, expedition deck rigging, and our 3 hatch design separates the Hatteras from other similar designs.

Impex “Force 3Hv & 4”

The key difference in the design of the Force versus the popular Performance Touring Line is the decreased rocker. The rocker in the Performance Touring Line offers a great balance of speed and maneuverability, giving the kayaks great diversity for the paddler who does it all. Enough speed and efficiency to take on the longer trips but the agility to maneuver in tight spaces or in big swells. For the paddler wanting increased speed and efficiency and willing to work harder for maneuverability, the hull of the Force has decreased rocker. The unique chine design offers more bite on edge, but unlike a true hard chine, does not get easily tripped up as wind and wave conditions increase. The Force paddles well with a load on and allows ample storage space for the longest trips or for the paddler still learning how to best utilize space. Other features include a longer cockpit opening to allow for easy entry and exit when challenged by advanced rescues and uneven or wave washed landing zones. A deep paddle channel behind the lowered rear cockpit rim allows for a stable paddle platform while performing rescues.

Jackson Kayak Kilroy 12’ 4” Fishing/hunting kayak

The Kilroy is one of the most decked out kayaks on the market. With logically placed gear mounts and staging systems all in a protected hull, this is a great kayak for those who want the typical JK set up innovation in a sit-inside.

Jackson Kayak Kraken Fishing kayak

At 15’3” the Kraken is designed for speed, comfort, and perfect trim to handle surf, swells, rough currents and beach landings with equal aplomb on the way out in search of fish, as well as on the home laden with the catch.

Jackson Kayak Big Rig Fishing kayak

The Big Rig is a single-person SOT designed for incredible stability in a stand-up fishing kayak. The Big Rig comes ready to accept the Raymarine Dragonfly fishfinder and Power-Pole Micro stake out systems.

Jackson Kayak “Karma RG” ocean playboat.

Based off the Karma Unlimited, the Karma RG is an ocean play boat designed for paddling in rock gardens (rock-hopping), exploring sea caves, running pour-overs, and surfing ocean waves.  It’s also well suited as a river tourer, with potential for multi-day coastal and river trips.

Jackson Kayak Skipper (Kid’s) Fishing kayak

Sized specifically for kids. The perfect way to introduce children to kayak fishing, and develop their comfort level on the water. Narrower to prevent paddle interference from little arms and paddles, but with enough range for kids to use and still grow into over time.

Jackson Kayak Tupelo 12.5

Designed for cruising the waterways with comfort and efficiency, with loads of storage and convenient accessories, the Tupelo is your premier, feature laden recreational kayak.

Jackson Kayak “Cuda LT Realtree Hardwoods HD” fishing kayak

It’s virtually a lighter-weight carbon copy of the Cuda 12 thanks to “thermoforming” technology. The LT version is also sleeker aesthetically and due to the lighter weight is slightly higher performing and a little more stable than the original Cuda 12

Jackson Kayak Mayfly Fishing sit-on-top

The MayFly is a fly fishing oriented sit-on-top to make kayak fly fishing more fun and user friendly. The MayFly has a versatile hull optimized for tracking, stability, and speed. The MayFly includes a myriad of design aspects to address the needs of fly fisherman creating the ultimate kayak fly fishing platform. Snag-free footrests and features, protected fly box storage, unique fly rod storage options, rod butt props for dealing with tangles, integrated and protected fly patches, and more.

Jackson Kayak “Coosa HD” fishing Kayak

This ‘heavy duty’ fishing craft boasts amped up specs/features and is slightly longer and wider than the original Coosa; this makes it even more stable and a perfect fit for anglers of all sizes or those who are really looking for a stand up fishing kayak. The hull is still river friendly, but the HD will track truer on the flat waters of lakes or inshore saltwater. Packed with features, the Coosa HD is ready for any type of fish on almost any type of water!

Jackson Kayak Coosa fd (Flex drive) Fishing sit-on-top

The Coosa FD is based on the top selling Coosa HD hull and deck layout but adds a long-awaited Flex Drive system allowing for hands-free propulsion. The Flex Drive offers forward and reverse operation and includes a unique articulating system for deep and shallow water navigation. A daggerboard protected tri-blade propeller combined with articulation helps keep the system clear of obstacles and is easy to clean. The Coosa FD comes with the fore-aft trimming and Hi-Lo Elite Seat System.The Flex Drive is deployed with the flip of a lever, has adjustable pitch, a 1:12 ratio and will be upgradable to a new motor drive system available in 2018.

Jackson Kayak Liska Fishing sit-on-top

The Liska is the modern version of the best-selling Cuda series. Wider, more stable and updated with features that novice kayak anglers are looking for ... and experienced anglers demand. Versatile inshore/lake kayak fishing platform. Track systems on the gunnels and large stern storage area add the functionality lacking in the original Cudas. New, narrow hinging center hatch with molded-in tackle storage and fishfinder battery compartment allow convenient storage without cramping standing area. Ergo Seat With MOLLE System features hi/lo positioning and track-mounted seat system, which means infinite trimming fore and aft in addition to a new accessory mounting system. The Liska is well-suited to a wide variety of water types and fishing styles, and includes functional versatility for any fishing style. This boat will be ideal for kayak anglers focused on flat water conditions who want more portability than some of our larger, heavier models.