Kokatat Ronin: A low-profile vest that offers full spinal protection, thermal-molded padded shoulders, reflective accents and a large duplex pocket performs as well on the play wave as it does in the surf zone. BOUYANCY: S/M (16/05), L/XL (17/05), XXL (18/00)

Kokatat Guide: Designed with the professional sea kayak guide in mind, the Guide incorporates everything you could possibly need in a full featured Type V rescue PFD: reinforced shoulders, strong swimmer harness and rescue belt, excellent fit for all-day comfort and usable storage space.BUOYANCY LB./OZ. S (16/5), M (16/5), L (16/06) XL (16/13)

Kokatat Ronin Pro: A trimmed-down profile and unique internal harness provide a comfortable, secure fit, full spinal and improved side protection. The Ronin Pro is a great choice for whitewater and ocean paddlers. Reinforced adjustable, thermal molded foam padded shoulders with non-slip Hypalon grip panels. BOUYANCY LB./OZ. S/M (16/05), L/XL (17/05), XXL (18/00)

Kokatat OutFIT Tour: Deep cut neck and arm holes allow maximum range of motion, while the back panel is cut high for added coverage. Front and rear reflective tape and strobe lash tab are added safety features, while the vertical pocket can carry a cell phone, GPS or pencil flares.


S (16/05), M (16/05), L (16/10), XL (17/00),

XXL (17/00)

Kokatat Bahia Tour: In addition to the features of the Bahia, the Tour adds an extra mesh pocket, an electronics pocket and reflective tape on the front and rear. The bulk found in the front panels of similar vests is reduced to improve comfort and reduce interference with your paddle stroke.


S/M (16/08), L/XL (17/00), XXL (17/00)

Kokatat MsFIT Tour: Front and rear reflective tape, a strobe lash tab, two bellows pockets and one vertical front pocket will give the gadget-happy paddler plenty of room for toys. Ergonomic and innovative components such as thermoformed, padded Hypalon shoulders, 3 side adjustments & quick-release waist closure, clip-on tabs for accessories and superlative construction methods set the standard in modern PFD design.


S (16/05), M (16/05), L (16/06), XL (16/13)