Solo Canoes

Lakewater and Whitewater

Esquif Detonator: Ideal for technical rapids, the Detonator will navigate through ledges, waves, rollers and holes with ease.

Esquif Nitro: By incorporating double chines the Nitro exhibits predictable edge control when side surfing or carving turns and is comfortable in transition between initial and secondary stability.

Esquif Spark: Speed, precision and maneuverability were the three guiding elements in the creation of the Spark. Wickedly fast for big water and some paddlers prefer it’s speed and precision for creeking. It rules at slalom races.

Esquif Taureau: This boat is vacuum molded in polyethylene and is very tough and durable. It has planing hull with released chines and as a freestyle/freeride boat, it will surf and spin a steeper wave, and stay drier than any open boat.

Esquif Zoom: for the advanced paddlers is the most agile, quick and responsive royalex canoe available. It is the ideal canoe for technical rivers and allows you to dodge any obstacles with unmatched speed in a short canoe.


Bluewater Freedom 16 Splitrock: Designed as a lightweight, flatwater canoe, the SplitRock combines excellent tracking and resistance to crosswinds with quick acceleration, high speed, and good glide. The unique flared hull provides excellent stability without sacrificing performance. Primarily a solo canoe, it can also be outfitted as a tandem for smaller adults or children.


Esquif Zephyr: Optimum length and rocker for speed and tracking. Beginner to intermediate paddlers will be reassured by the initial and secondary stability. The chines allow smooth and controlled turns. The twin-tex material gives the performance of a stiff and light composite boat with the toughness of a polyethylene boat.

Esquif Spanish Fly is a Frankie Hubbard design for whitewater freestyle and creek boating. It has a planing hull that makes surfing and flat-spins easy. The short length and extreme rocker allow great boofs and sharp turn on creeks.

Esquif Breeze is a personal solo canoe designed for efficiency and confort for your flat-water adventures.

Esquif Raven: This design offers easy acceleration, tracking and a predictable feel to less experienced paddlers and fast turning and carving performance to advanced paddlers.

Esquif L’Edge lite: The new benchmark for how a canoe should perform! Stable, strong and light. Confidence inspiring for all levels of whitewater paddlers. Only 51 lbs with wood trim.

Esquif Veritage: Lively and responsive. Its carrying capacity makes it a logical choice for solo canoe camping. A good learning platform for novices and provides intermediates with speed and stability.



Esquif Echo will definitely catch your attention with its great speed, tracking and secondary stability. It is one of the smoothest and most reliable companions you can have on calm solo paddling adventures.